MOCK Interview 2014.
August 23, 2014 @ 11:53 AM

Peace Upon To You,
Woah! I still did not believe that I make it! My school organized
a fake interview to Form Five students so that they get to
 learn how to communicate, interact and behave during
the real interview to apply for scholarship,
 university or job. And guess what, I had announced as the
 the best speaker during the interview. And it was totally drove me insane!
 There were two people who announced as the best speaker and I was one of them.
Another person, my friend, she is an expert in English so no wonder-lah!
 The person who interviewed us was an lecturer in MSU (Management Science
University) actually, it was no a fake interview because
he took our resume and will look after our SBP/SPM TRIAL results. Automatically,
we had registered to apply for their scholarship. And I don`t have any doubt to
say that my trial sbp/spm trial will be down swiftly. Actually, grades and whatsoever
are no so important but yes, it slightly important to apply for overseas university
but, what ever, it still important. ( what i`m babbling about? ) Sorry, but it is important.
 But, high confidence level is more far than important. Do not worry about simple
pronouns or grammars errors. If you have a high level confidence and
 fluency during speaking, you will get it right!
Before I end this post, one of my close friend said it to me:

"The true failure is when you stop trying. "
Never stop to try or you`ll regret soon. Grab it.