This is it.
November 26, 2014 @ 11:33 PM

Peace Upon to You.

Time flew so fast,
until we lost in the past.
All those memoirs, tears and laughs,
will stay forever in my heart.
I hate to get to know about the time has come.
The time for us to be separate has come.
I hate when you want to leave me.
It is better for me to leave,
than having to be left.
I turned my back often,
and look at those memories we had created.
Sometimes, a smile drew on my lips but then,
it will change into I bit the lower lip.
I could felt a tingling feeling on my palms,
and I clenched it tightly.
Misery. Hell. Hurt. Alone.
All those feeling filled up my atmosphere,
until I found it is hard for me to breath.

" Do not hate someone who hurt you. She or he actually
taught you how to be more stronger than now. "

Damn, I missed her.
I don`t know why she is the reason
why I`m becoming like this.
On the last day, I tried my best to ignore her but
it turned to she who greeted me.
Then, I realized something
I should have send away my ego.
I tried hardly to find her back,
I waited in front her dorm, waiting as I glanced to the wristwatch.
It was useless.
I really wanted to say this to her:

" I`m sorry that I hate you. I heard people said that
never hate someone who hurt you. She or he actually taught you how to be more stronger. 
Thank you so much.and farewell, Ain. "

I don`t want to meet with her again.
in entire of my life.
She is a part of my past.
My painful past.
I promised to myself that
I will never turned to look at my past.

Let bygones, be bygones.

If she do not hurt me,
I never learn the truth about friendship.
If she do not hurt me,
I will becoming a person who fell into the hole,
If she do not hurt me,
I`m not who I am right now.
If she do not hurt me,
I will lost in the bright side of school life.
If she do not hurt me,
I will never be more STRONGER than before.
If she only do not hurt me,
I never know that,
every clouds have its silver lining.
I will keep this feeling,
until I gone.