Cherita on Hari Raya.
July 28, 2014 @ 11:41 PM

Peace upon to you,


It`s 1 Syawal! Pom! Pang! Bom! Bang! Yeahhh! Hahahaha! I wished my hari raya will be like that. Kids will
be running everywhere while holding the *fire on their hands. Hari Raya songs will be playing from the radio and people are starting to recite the takbir raya. I wished I will experience it one more time. Just one more time. Now, I hate the sounds of people playing the... what we called it in English? I know it in Malay only, mercun. It feels like a real boom! Bang there, bang here. I know, I was using direct translate. It will be more helpful and useful if you spend the money as a charity to people in Gaza than you spend it to buy mercun. Urgh. I talked like that to my mum and she said that I must be jealous of them because she didn`t buy any mercun for me. Then, I thought about it again. Yep. She`s right. I must be so lonely. Tomorrow, on second day of Syawal, my family and I will be going to our hometown in Batu Gajah, Perak and I HATE it. I don`t like the feeling to be at my own hometown because I hate my relatives at there. You guys don`t understand me. They are far away DIFFERENT from our family. They like to make jokes that they thought it was funny but actually it wasn`t. Not at all. They will envy towards you when they saw your level was slightly high from them. What the... What`s wrong with them? I just hate them, for the rest of my life. Maybe, people will judge me by saying, I should have be more grateful to still having grandparents and hometown. FYI, you are not in my shoes right now. Come and try to fit it in here. Let`s see how you will react towards them? I`ll salute you if you are 360 degrees different from me.